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Recent Posts

  • Imminent Impact

Imminent Impact

Brazil based colleague, Luis Oliveira, published an article about MiFID II regulation in Capital Aberto.
The article explores the impact on IR and the sell-side from regulation in Europe requiring transparency and unbundling of commissions charged by brokers. Full service brokers will have to provide and price their services separately, explicitly charging for trade execution and investment research products. We contend this will be a game changer that most IROs are not prepared for.

  • How Australian Healthcare Companies Can Target US Investors

How Australian Healthcare Companies Can Target US Investors

A prescription for Australian healthcare companies looking to crack the US market

For ambitious Australian healthcare companies, the US represents the deepest and most lucrative capital pool, dwarfing the domestic market: the combined market cap […]

  • Potential Impact of a Trump Presidency on Mexico

Potential Impact of a Trump Presidency on Mexico

The U.S. media documented the shock of Trump’s victory in Mexico, and uncertainty surrounding what it could mean for trade and immigration between the two countries. However, many outlets emphasized the fact that the country was in a strong economic position.

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