About-MBSWhether you’re a private company moving toward your IPO, a public company that wants to expand your investor base or get the media attention you deserve, or a private or international organization that needs to take its success story to the global stage, MBS Value Partners has been in your shoes. We’ve been inside International and U.S. companies.

We’ve served as CFOs taking our own companies public. We’ve been on the buy and sell-side. We’ve been reporters and editors crafting the stories you read every day. We know what you’re going through, and can help you tell your story in a strategic way. Look to us as communications specialists with a knack for the financial drivers. Smart strategists who know what moves analysts, investors and journalists—and can get your company in front of them in a positive way.


Communicating to the investment community and media is our job. When we do it right, you have the confidence to do your job. Because when your messages are being communicated in the most effective and transparent way, you’re set. You can turn your mind elsewhere. For starters, our approach is customized for you—we determine your needs through research, interviews and experience. Then our team—led by hands-on, senior communications executives—attacks the challenge from every angle.

We have your back, girding you for anything. And we’re always a few steps ahead, devising programs that grab investors’, analysts’ and reporters’ attention—while always supporting your overarching strategy.


The desire to be trusted and involved drives us. We want to work our way into that place where your company and our expertise are so closely in sync that anything is possible. We want to be that person in the office around the corner who gets your situation instantly, can mobilize resources quickly and help you build a bridge to success. We believe that with this kind of connection, you can thrive in today’s lightning-fast media environment—by not only responding and preempting quickly, but also thoughtfully and strategically. Our senior execs have spent decades working to earn your trust, collecting experiences, honing skills and developing our knowledge, so that you can be ready on a moment’s notice and prepared for any event.


About MBS Value


When clients come to us with an issue like insufficient press coverage or slow expansion, we listen carefully. The core of clients’ words always reveals the strategy and that inspires the stories and tactics we employ. The media mix and mutations may seem like a mess, but by adhering to set strategy and tactics the results cumulate, and our clients make measureable gains time and time again as a result of our efforts.
You’re about to enter a whole new world. We start by training you for the marathon of the IPO experience itself up to a year in advance. We help you create the infrastructure of being a publicly traded company. Investor relations tops the list. We’ll help you build a foundation from scratch. Next comes tactics. We’ll generate a “pipeline of interest” through tactics like public relations. It’s never too early to get started when you intend to come out strong.
This is the beginning of your long-term relationship with the financial market. Our goal is to make you feel vastly overprepared so you can breeze into roadshow meetings and be greeted by analysts and investors who already know you. We train you to speak like a leader. We make sure you have solid investor relations and corporate communications programs on lock. This is a relationship you want to keep.
Your company deserves coverage. Your company needs coverage. If it isn’t getting it, you have to ask “why?” Or better yet, ask for help from MBS. You say you have no news. Nonsense. There’s an idea there somewhere. We’ll craft a serious story around it and milk it for all it’s worth in every media from social to traditional. While you’re basking in the attention, we’ll be onto the next thing, the next value add. And the next after that.
For over 25, we’ve been a cultural bridge in to companies from countries throughout Latin America and Europe. Our commitment to Latin America alone has made MBS the go-to for international companies who wish to ensure their local messages translate oversees. With investor activism becoming a global phenomenon and corporate governance becoming a worldwide concern. We’re an international partner like no other.


HomeWe can help. We’ll help you find the perfect venue, bring in an audience, coach you with your presentation, and even photograph the event. Whether you are looking for investors or presenting to your shareholders, you want to be in the best possible light. Call us to find out more.