The things we can’t do for you, we help you do well for yourself, like speaking. We train individual leaders and entire teams to speak convincingly to groups of investors during IPO road shows and other similar events. We also train senior execs to address the media. In each case we offer an outside-in approach that helps you connect.

The people at MBS have been investors as well as reporters on the receiving end of presentations. We help you think like your audience and train you in strategies and tactics meant to win them over. A makeup artist is nice, but what you really need is a tactical stylist. We can be that for you.


  •  Conference Calls
  •  One-on-Ones
  •  Small & Large Group Meetings
  •  Major Speeches
  •  Media Training


  •  Disclosure Training
  •  IR Team Best Practices
  •  C-Suite Mentoring