Here are some of the key questions investors are asking companies this earnings season

Overall Outlook

  • Any foreseeable impact of the election on your business?
  • Following the election, did you see any change in terms of business environment or sales cycles as you moved through the quarter and into January-February?
  • Can you talk about some of the largest positive or largest potentially negative things you can see from Trump’s new policies in the future?
  • Does Trump’s ascendancy to the Presidency change your view of GDP growth this year and over the next couple of years?


  • As we get a better idea of Trump’s administration policies, are you embedding anything in your outlook with regard to tax rate, higher interest rates, any regulatory changes? What’s the impact on your business in terms of earnings and/or cash?
  • Can you quantify the impact of Trump’s tax reform on your business?

Foreign Trade

  • If President Trump initiates tariffs against Mexico and China, would your company be exposed to any retaliatory actions, anything arising out of NAFTA in the coming months and years?
  • Trump has upset a lot of people in the U.S. and internationally regarding the trade agreements. Do you see any negative impact there?
  • Have you seen any impact of Trump’s policies on international sales?
  • Can you quantify the impact on your business if President Trump implements a 20% import border tax at the Mexican border for all north-bound imports to pay for the wall?
  • Because you are well entrenched locally in China, is there anything on a fundamental basis that you’re concerned about, certain policies or certain regulations, certain actions that could happen in global trade between China and the U.S. (trade war or tariff adventure) in association with the Trump administration that could really cause fundamental problems from you?


  • With the new administration in place, do you see any potential economic impact that could arise from immigration reform?
  • Do you have employees with H-1B visas?
  • Have you seen any hiccups in inbound international travel due to international travel ban?